Hey, you. I'm Brit, psychic mythologist and writer. Nice to (re) meet you. I'm here to tell you a story about Us.

When you came here, you had a song in your heart. An epic poem of how you wanted this to go down from womb to tomb. It was full of subplots, joys that expand your capacity for more joy, and struggles that led to great triumphs and even greater joy. 

That story song is the key of your life and your heart. When you're tapped into it, it hums and sings for you. When you're separate from it, the misalignment grunts and rumbles its way up from your gut.

There is for all of us a great, unified tragedy. We were born with our beautiful story songs into a world of systems that thrive on oppression and separation. 

It's not our fault but now we have to deal with it. The story song has to work harder to be heard.

We have to learn over and over, every single day how to find and listen to the story song we came here to create, play, and live. We have to hold the vision of the world we already know exists somewhere, at some time, but always lives right here in our hearts.

The world doesn't make it easy. We've been separated from the land, the customs, and the spirits that help us remember. That help us be as powerful as we actually are.

We've been taught to over-emphasize the mind because it's the heart where our story songs reside. It's the heart that holds the higher visions and houses the power to let them anchor. The mind has its beautiful purpose but when we're not aligned, the mind is easily misaligned. It all starts with the heart.

The heart holds the stories.

The stories we tell are seeds planted by our intentions and energy. They bloom into our reality.

Everyone is trying but we're often stuck in the mind, which can't help much with the work of anchoring new realities and healing. If you do any sort of work with affirmations, hypno, or even talk therapy, you know that the work is done to influence and change you from the subconscious level up.

Expecting the conscious mind to do the work of the heart and spirit is a self-con. A great one, too. 

It works because we live in this world that uplifts the varied intelligences of the mind and diminishes those of the heart. We're encouraged to think without being thoughtful and to feel primarily through the lens of thoughts.

The result is a deep, internal schism within us as individuals that permeates and then radiates out into the world.

It's none of our fault that the world is like this, all we can do is rise from it.

Story is a bridge between what the mind knows and what the heart knows.

As a psychic mythologist, I study the history of beings through the stories we tell ourselves and each other. I search through the halls of collective knowledge and dive into the inner chambers of the heart to arrive at truth, however ephemeral.

Because truth is not fixed; it's dynamic and it'll always present itself to you in a way that Now + Near-Future You can understand.

This is why story is so important. Understanding that "truth", much like "purpose", is something alive. Your perception of them depends on your lens at any given moment. It depends on what stories you're participating in and clinging to.

In this work (+ my life), I'm aided by channeling universal knowledge, non-physical beings, and otherwordly pals. But when their guidance, energy, or words come through me, it's always with a mythic tint. That's my reality. I'm here to be, to heal myself and others, and to expand through story. 

Everything in my life will always point in that direction.

That's why readings with me are not about playing 20 questions, trying to force the universe to show you truth in the exact, usually limited way you want it to be shown to you. My sessions are portals for alignment and expansion through The All. 

Because we need all you to be in alignment with that beautiful story you're here to tell. You are the protagonist in your story, after all. Our stories are deeply interconnected and when you're thriving, so are we. When you get it together, stop playing small, and start feeding the stories you want to grow, a better reality comes forward.

It's I, you, and us out here. We just have to remember that and fight for it every day.

Do you remember what you asked for? I don't mean the stuff, I mean what you really asked for.

The path you're currently on is taking you there, whether you know it or accept it yet. When we look at your individual experience and, most importantly, the storylines being written in your life, through the eyes of the mythic, we begin to uncover the truth. It's when we understand the genre, the theme, the subplot, the epiphany, the inciting event, etc., that we begin to understand the truth.

It's easy to forget that you're still the lead and co-writer in your own life, telling a story and stepping into it every single day.

It's easy to forget that you not only have agency in your own life, you have control over what stories you're participating in.

We can't control everything. The external work is long and requires fortifying ourselves and replenishing our energy constantly. It's not easy. 

But this power can never be taken away unless you give it.

Don't give it away. Activate it.

Yours, mine, ours.

How Stories Shape Our Reality 

The one thing I know is that all of this is a story, and find me one good story that only exists on one level. 

Take Grease as an example (yes, Grease, that iconic film musical. Bear with me!)

All at once these things are true about Grease depending on who you ask:

  • It's a parody of 1950s Americana and the obsession with youth culture
  • It's a nostalgic send-up of 1950s Americana and a testament to the neverending coolness of youth culture
  • It's a commentary on gender and relationships told through the lens of a (more) deeply anti-feminist period in America
  • It's a fun, deeply unserious musical romp
  • It's a story of female empowerment, reminding us all that we get to choose to be as we are, not as others expect us to be
  • It's a story about romantic obsession and how it leads to a loss of individual identity, encouraging conformity and performance
  • It's high art, actually, and the blueprint for the modern movie and Broadway musicals (this is me, if you care)
  • It's the final shared dream of a girl who drowned and the boy who drowned trying to save her (sorry)

None of it's wrong but what hits for you hardest depends on who you are today and what your perception is.

Truth is like that list up there: multi-layered. When you get to truth, you realize that it's not right or wrong, it simply is. It's part of the story. It's perception that's malleable (thank god!!!)

I chose the reference of Grease because it's an important personal reminder that we decide which stories we want to tell and live within. 

As a kid, one of my mom's friends took me to an amusement park. I was not a kid who did a lot of Kid Things (I can't tell this about you at all, Brit! you say. I know. Shocking. Anyway ➝) This family friend was like, "Yeah this kid should maybe do something fun once in a while," and she took me to Worlds of Fun (aka Kansas City's Six Flags). It was amazing, top 10 day in my young life. 

Part way into the day, we went to see a production of Grease that was happening in a little theater at the park. I'm a huge musical nerd and I was then, too; I'd seen the movie a hundred times already. I had so much fun even though we were upstairs in the noseys because it was a last-minute decision. At the end, the cast came into the audience and picked folks to bring on stage and dance with them. My heart was beating out of my chest I was so excited! I knew the songs! I pretended I was in the movie all the time! (Sandy, duh.) I'd had fantasies about getting my jump 'n' jive dance on 50s style since I was obsessively watching Susie Q! 

I wanted to go so bad and I could feel it. I saw it. I was gonna get to go up there! I knew it. But I was so terrified of being judged or doing the wrong thing. It crippled me. Excited cycled to nervous and back again. I could hardly breathe.

Then, I saw movement coming up the stairs to where we were sat with the other cheapskates latecomers. I watched out of the corner of my eye as a guy from the cast, dressed in a nice suit with a pompadour (my literal dream at that time...and still), looking around for a girl to dance with.

He stood there for a while and started walking over to me. In that moment I had a choice. I could stay in the familiar story that I knew wasn't me or I could step into what I could literally see in my head. My heart wanted that second option. I felt myself up there already but...

I flattened my back against the seat and held my breath, hoping it'd make me invisible. The people I was with were too engrossed in the fun happening on stage to have noticed him or me freaking out. In the end, I didn't go up there.

I would like to tell this story by saying that I cracked invisibility as a kid and he just didn't see me. But he did. 

He saw me and started coming over with his hand out. 

I brushed him off, shooed him away. 

I was too scared to go up there even though I so desperately wanted to.

I felt the choice but I didn't yet know how to love myself through the fact that my desires can still scare me.

Somehow, it wasn't until after he was gone that one of the people I was with looked around. She would definitely have made me go.

It's like the universe wanted to really show me that I had a choice. No one was gonna drag me into that new reality. God, that man literally had his hand out and I just chose to stay where I was.

That day teaches me a lot about agency and stories. 

There is no way around choosing and doing. You cannot evolve through stagnation, no matter how tempting it is.

Who among us hasn't spent time trying to trick the universe or begging it to just do this oooone thing for you first and then you'll get it together and act right? Then you'll do what you already know you're supposed to be doing. 

The pleading doesn't usually work, though. This is all for you. No cheat code gets around you using your real human will, power, and body to do your part. 

In the theater that day, I had an early taste of this lesson, one that has shown itself to me over and over because I'm comically stubborn. By telling and (the and is very important!!!) participating in a story through choice, you're ensuring it exists. You're keeping the lights on.

If the story were that he didn't see me, it's a disappointing missed opportunity that kept me from getting what I wanted. But when I admit the truth, that he did, and it's all on me why I didn't step into the reality my heart was literally begging for, well, that's a more layered human story, isn't it? It begs questions, it hints at struggles, it may make you sad.

For what I'm talking about today, though, it perfectly illustrates that choice is really the GOAT. It can't determine the circumstances but it does determine the outcome.

We have to be part of our own stories. Lead and co-writer. You're the producer championing this production, working every day to do your part and help it thrive.

You gotta be in charge and stop waiting for someone else to make you. They will not and you probably wouldn't want them to, if they did.

I think about that moment at Grease every now and then. I've had a lot of them, moments of watching myself choose to be limited by the stories others told about me. Ignoring my literal beating heart to stay in the shade of others' limitations that I accepted as my own. Ignoring the goddamn sun shining right in front of me and inviting me to step into its light.

I didn't choose, so I just got more of the same.

When you know the story, and especially when you can see it, you have to choose it. Then, you get to keep choosing it. It's the only thing you have control over.

How do you avoid owning your agency and power?

A lot of us pretend that we need to know why and how before we take aligned action. You do not.

It's one of the many ways we hamstring ourselves and lose the plot of the stories we actually want to be part of. Instead of taking action, we say, "Oh! I'm gonna do it...but first, tell me exactly how it's gonna show up. Tell me what I should do about these two choices. Tell me, tell me, tell me."

🜁 SHOW ME is more powerful

🜄 LET ME FEEL is more expansive

🜃 HELP ME REMEMBER is more embodied

This is why I work from the mythic and through story. You could be told the same thing 20 times but it's not until you feel it/see it/know it deeply that it means something. It's not about the bullet points and fact sheets, it's about the story.

As we approach the portal of 2024, I invite you to look into that future from the view of the story being written. Not just any story, the one you asked the universe for. 

These 1:1 journeys are live and direct, done via virtual call. The hour we spend together is just for you, meaning that sessions will look different depending on the guidance of the universe and both of our guides. I'll pull whatever tools from my psychic mythologist toolkit are needed to tell the story, including Akashic channeling, divination, and energy work.

Spots are open through January 5.

Come curious.

Lit up by this offering but can't swing the financial exchange? I'm open to trade offers. Reply back if you go this via email or email me at spirit [at] britstarr [dot] com ✧♡